CoolSculpting for Men

CoolSculpting for Men Los AngelesDo you have an inch of fat you would like to remove without surgery? Are you willing to invest one to two hours to lose 25% of the fat around your abdomen? CoolSculpting is the latest revolutionary procedure which freezes the fat. This procedure is permanent and very effective.

Fat is more sensitive to cold than skin or muscle. The makers of CoolSculpting have taken advantage of this and have successfully harnessed the temperature which freezes the fat cells without damaging surrounding tissue. The fat cells are eliminated and they do not return. At Marina Manland, we have nine CoolSculpting machines and have performed over 13,000 CoolSculpting procedures. We are the #1 practice in the world. That is right, Marina Manland and the Institute are the #1 CoolSculpting centers in the world. Come in for your complimentary consultation, evaluation and treatment suggestions. Nonsurgical body contouring is very popular.

Do you not have an inch of fat you would like to eliminate? CoolSculpting for men can freeze the fat!

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Excess Submental Fat

As a result of factors such as the aging process, genetics, and weight gain, many people find themselves with a double chin. Excess subcutaneous fat gathers on the chin muscles, giving the chin this undesirable look.

Clothing does nothing to hide unwanted submental fullness; it is constantly exposed, creating an older, out-of-shape appearance. This can make a person feel embarrassed and can cause body issues. Many patients seek treatment in order to feel more confident about their neck, chin, and jawline.

The CoolMini Applicator

CoolSculpting has been providing excellent body contouring results since it was approved by the FDA in 2010. Its ability to non-invasively sculpt trouble areas of the body like the love handles, back, thighs, and abdomen is unparalleled.

But CoolSculpting was only suitable for larger regions, and so it was not ideal for smaller spots like the neck or chin. Traditional fat-reduction procedures were inconvenient and had the risk of complications, since the neck is a sensitive and delicate area.

However, thanks to the CoolMini applicator, CoolSculpting can now be used to effectively and safely treat submental fullness. This advancement in non-invasive contouring technology is able to address excess fatty tissue in smaller regions because it possesses the proper curvature, size, and shape for the job.

CoolMini is able to remove stubborn fat from the chin, neck, and jawline, resulting in reduction of a double chin, refining of the jawline, and recontouring of the neck. It has been proven safe by the FDA through rigorous testing.

This non-invasive procedure is unique in that it is the only submental volume-reduction option that involves no scalpels, needles, or heat energy whatsoever. This means that the results will look very natural and that there will be no scarring afterwards. Anesthesia and sedation will not be necessary.