NeoGraft Hair Transplant

Many men would like to have more hair on their heads but do not want to undergo traditional hair grafting. Now, with NeoGraft, men do not have to have surgery and/or to replace the hair. NeoGraft is a revolutionary new way to harvest single hair follicles from the back of one’s head and transfer them to the top and front of the head. There is no surgery, no scarring, no numbness and no baldness. It is safe and easy and many men have successfully had a NeoGraft hair transplant at Marina Manland.

Traditional hair grafting utilized “strip grafts.” These strip grafts are strips of scalp which have to be surgically removed or excised. The defect in the scalp then needs to be closed with stitches or staples and must heal over the course of weeks. With NeoGraft, there is no surgery required.

Come to Marina Manland for a complimentary NeoGraft consultation. Put more hair on your head without surgery.